Current News

91st Annual Meeting of the International Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

22.04.2021: After the 90th annual meeting of the GAMM has been cancelled due to the pandemic situation, the chair presented in 10 talks their current research results, covering the areas of biomechanics, topology optimization, uncertainty quantification, numerics, fracture mechanics and electrophysiology.


Hangai Prize winner of 60th IASS 2019 CAD-integrated Parametric Design Cycle for Structural Membranes

15.11.2019: 15.11.2019: Ann-Kathrin Goldbach from Technical University of Munich gives a talk on “Advantages of a CAD-integrated approach for the design cycle of structural membranes”. She won the Hangai Prize of 60th IASS 2019 in Barcelona for the paper: CAD-integrated Parametric Design Cycle for Structural Membranes, A-K. Goldbach, K.-U. Bletzinger.

SPPEXA Final symposium of the Priority Program "Software for Exascale Computing"

21.10.2019: October 21-23, 2019: The results of the second phase of the project "EXASTEEL" within the DFG Priority Program 1648 were presented at the final symposium in Dresden.

International Conference FORM and FORCE in Barcelona / 60th IASS Annual Symposium 2019 - 9th Structural Membranes 2019

07.10.2019: 7.10.2019 – 10.10.2019: In Barcelona, Mehran Motevalli gives a presentation titled as “Orthotropic Hyperelastic Energy Formulations for the Geometrically Nonlinear Simulation of Textile Surface Structures”. A new polyconvex orthotropic material model was presented as a part the joint project of the groups of Prof. Balzani and Prof. Stranghöner of University of Duisburg-Essen, the DFG project of “Characterization and modelling of the nonlinear material behaviour of coated fabrics for membrane structures”.

XV International Conference on Computational Plasticity in Barcelona

04.09.2019: 04.09.2019: Entitled with "Optimization-based comparison of different
approaches for the automatized calculation of residual stresses and
fiber orientations in arteries", Anna Zahn gives a speech within the
research area of biomechanics on the conference COMPLAS in Barcelona.

8th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics in Kassel

28.08.2019: 28.-30.08.2019: Yannick Fangye, Johannes Riesselmann and Anna Zahn give
talks on the subjects "C0 continuous finite elements for gradient
elasticity at finite strains", "Simulation of dual–phase steel
microstructures using optimized arrangements of finite cells" and
"Optimization–based comparison of different anisotropic models for
growth and remodeling in arterial walls" on the GACM Colloquium in
Kassel. This conference intends to bring together young scientists from
academia and industry to present and discuss their actual research results.

Annual Meeting of the DFG Priority Program 1886

08.10.2018: 08.10.2018: In Udine (Italy), Niklas Miska and Daniel Balzani present the current results of the project at the annual meeting of the DFG-funded priority program 1886 "Polymorphic uncertainty quantification for the numerical design of structures".

Annual Meeting of the DFG Priority Program 1748

13.09.2018: 13.09.2018: In Dresden, Johannes Riesselmann and Daniel Balzani present the current results of the project at the annual meeting of the DFG-funded priority program 1748 "Reliable Simulation Techniques in Solid Mechanics. Development of Non-standard Discretization Methods, Mechanical and Mathematical Analysis".

Erik Tamsen and Daniel Balzani give presentations at the WCCM in New York

22.07.2018: Erik Tamsen and Daniel Balzani give the presentations "Numerical framework for the direct micro-macro simulation of micro-heterogeneous materials under impact loading", i.e. "Quantification of the probability of failure in sheet metal forming problems of advanced high strength steel" at the World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM) in New York.